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10-01-18 13.36 GMT


In the 50th edition of Vive le Rock magazine - (Yep. The one with Adam Ant on the cover) Dick Porter talks to Pete about the new LP. "Technically, I'm quite a crap guitarist really".


Sales directly from the publisher have now sold out but there are still copies available in the shops.


10-01-18 13.03 GMT


Two more dates in Middlesbrough and Edinburgh have been added for the UK. The list now reads -

Bristol - Exchange - Saturday April 7th
Birmingham - Castle and Falcon - Saturday April 21st
Middlesbrough - Westgarth - Saturday May 18th
Edinburgh - Bannermans - Saturday May 19th
London - The Lexington - Saturday June 2nd



02-01-18 20.09 GMT


The first of a batch of UK dates have been finalised for 2018.

Bristol - Exchange - Saturday April 7th
Birmingham - Castle and Falcon - Saturday April 21st
London - The Lexington - Saturday June 2nd

More shows and more details to follow.....


12-09-17 19.29 GMT


Noisey Logo

Vice magazine's music offshoot Noisey are streaming the new album in it's entirety today.

Read their review and listen to it HERE


12-10-17 08.21 GMT


In the October/November issue of Germany's Ox fanzine Pete talks to Joachim Hiller about, amongst other things, Brexit, Weapons of Mass Distraction, vegan hipsters and what a pain in the arse it was to buy vegan margarine in the 80's.

The track "Acolyte" from the new lp also features on the magazine's cover cd.

Yes. The interview is in German





11-10-17 08.16 GMT


In the first of a bunch of new interviews, Joseph Schafer from America's Decibel magazine speaks briefly to Pete about heart attacks, linking up again with John and the new lp.

The piece will be in the magazine's November 2017 issue.


  Decibel Magazine Cover November 2017



16-09-17 07.53 GMT


"Acolyte", the first track from "The Rising of the Lights" to get a public release gets an online premiere in US magazine Revolver from today.

To read Fed Pessaro's review and listen to it CLICK HERE


09-09-17 20.01 GMT


Despite numerous attempts to contact the festival organisers to obtain the promised travel documents necessary for us to fly to Romania, we have had no response from them since September 5th. We therefore have had to make a decision as to whether we thought this would work out in order for us to let people who might be travelling to see the band know whether or not we would be playing.

We regret that without travel documents we are unable to fly out and offer our apologies to anyone who may have been wishing to see us there.

If you have purchased tickets, we would advise you to contact the festival organisers directly.


28-07-17 13.26 GMT


The long awaited release date has finally been scheduled for the first Antisect LP since 1984.

Featuring 50 minutes of new and previously unrecorded material, "The Rising of the Lights" will be released on Friday, October 13th on Rise Above Records.

Track listing is as follows -

Spirit - Level
The Last Ones Standing
Weapons of Mass Distraction
Welcome to the New Dark Ages
Rise the Lights
Something to Hate
Scared to Die


Click the link below to watch the video for the track "Black"



03-07-17 10.17 GMT

Two More Euro Shows for 2017

Two more shows have been added to the itinerary for this year.

On August 5th, Antisect return to Sweden to play the Hygett festival in Svartmyra. Scene of what has now come to be known as "The Swedish Incident". (Anyone who's followed the band will know what occurred there in 2013). Hygett is a small, intimate festival in the woodlands of Sweden and as such is invite only. If you want to come, email us here and we will see to it that you get an invite.

Another September date has been added. This time the band travel again to Romania to play the 3 day Something for the Core festival on September 8th, 9th and 10th.

Antisect will close the festival by headlining the Sunday night.






03-03-17 12.17 GMT



Yep. 30 years after Antisect last played in Italy we return to play the "In Veneto There Is No Law" festival in Treviso.

"Back in the day" the band twice toured Italy playing at the infamous Milan Virus squats with the likes of 80's anarcho legends Wretched and Negazione. It will be good to finally return.

The show takes place later this year on September 2nd. Also on the bill from the UK are Cress.


05-02-17 06.17 GMT


Two shows have been announced for the island of Gran Canaria in Spain in May.

Antisect will play PKDK in Las Palmas on May 19th and then travel to the south of the island to Sala la Choza in Playa del Ingles for a second show on the 20th.

Also on the bill will be Animal Kaos in Las Palmas and Infecktor in Playa del Ingles.

Antisect Gran Canaria Flyer


05-02-16 06.16 GMT


The Venue for April's Birmingham show has been switched again. It will now be at the CEOL CASTLE, 402 Moseley Road, B12 9AT.


06-11-16 21.01 GMT


Antisect AWOD 2017 Poster

After a gap of over two years Antisect finally confirm a long overdue London show.

The band will make a return appearance as part of the 4 day "Another Winter Of Discontent" festival at the Dome in Tufnell Park on Saturday February 18th 2017.

Check the poster opposite for the rest of Saturday's bill.

For full festival line up and ticket info click HERE


06-11-16 20..57 GMT


The venue to the Birmingham show in April has been switched to The Flapper, Kingston Row, B1 2NU. See you there.....


11-08-16 11.50 GMT


After a long haitus the band have recently confirmed their first UK show of 2017.

Back in 1982 Antisect burst onto the scene as support to Discharge on the seminal "Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing" tour. The band later went on to play some legendary shows at Birmingham's famed Mermaid venue. All three will finally come together again when the two bands reunite to play at the Rainbow Rooms in Digbeth in April 2017.

Birmingham 2017 Poster


24-06-16 16..38 GMT


We regret that we have been forced to pull out of our planned appearance at the Ultra Chaos Picnic in Zelebsko, Poland this coming weekend. This is due to the sad passing of the father of our drummer Joe. We had initially thought it would still be possible for us to play, but the timescale of events has meant that despite our efforts, it was, in the end, simply not possible for us to adequately rehearse and prepare with a stand-in drummer for the show. We apologise to the organisers and all those who may have been coming to Zelebsko to see us, but we assure you we did try everything possible to make it happen. We hope you can understand. Our thoughts at this time are with Joe and his family. Peace!


11-05-16 19..46 GMT


Antisect Verket Stage Times  

Yes. We did a secret show in Umea in Sweden at the weekend.

Yes. The new lineup and new set have been tested, and yes, it seems like they work.

A big thank you to Sofia, Helga, Adrian, all the great bands that played over the two nights and all at Verket who offered us their help and hospitality during our visit. It was a pleasure to be there with you all.

Remember - "Banjo Crust" You heard it here first.


27-04-16 09..24 GMT


So, lots of people asking what's been happening in the last 12 months or so. No tours, no shows, no lp...

Well probably the biggest thing that has happened is that the Antisect revolving door has spun another couple of times. This has led to some major rejigging, so consequently no shows and yet more delays in the recording process while we get up to speed with the latest outs and ins.

The changes this time saw the departures of bassist Laurence Windle and vocalist Chris Caps and the re-arrival of Laurence's bass predecessor John Bryson.

Why? In the end it became clear that neither Laurence nor Chris could offer the band the levels of commitment that was required. Chris's teaching schedule took up so much of his time that he simply couldn't offer the band enough for us to progress the way we wanted to. Similarly with Laurence, his outside commitments left him unable to commit fully enough to us. As has been well documented, the membership of Antisect has always leaned towards a state of flux as it's members input has risen or fallen and it was with this in mind that It was decided that a new injection of impetus and energy was needed. Both decisions were agonisingly difficult to make, but we all wish Laurence and Chris the very best and thank them for the time and energy they were able to put in while they were with us. You will both be missed.

As some of you will know, John was the band's bassist during the mid 80's "Out From The Void" period, so it was nice to continue the links with the past in that way. John's energy and enthusiasm has been instrumental in kicking us on to where we are now. With the departure of Chris, we had dug a pretty deep hole for ourselves. The lp was three quarters done. The only things left were the bass, the vocals and the final mixes. John picked up the bass parts and laid them down pretty quickly and so it came to the vocals. We considered our options and although it was tempting to put it out there that we might have been looking for a vocalist, we eventually decided that the best way forward was to try out our voices on what we had already put down, and that is what we've been doing since. The result being that Pete and John now handle the bulk of the vocals, as they did when the band suddenly became a three piece back in the 80's. It's been a lot to take on all of a sudden with none of the material having been written with singing and playing in mind, but with the addition of backing vocals from Joe, little by little we're getting the hang of it, and it will be interesting to see how it works when we get back out there to play.

So, the priority now is to vocalise and put the rest of the finishing touches to what has been an incredibly long journey. More on that in the next update.

You will see us soon.


30-12-16 13.09 GMT


After a year away from the circuit, the band are now arranging their schedule for what should prove to be an interesting 2016. Various things are already in the pipeline.

The first being confirmation of two shows for later in the year. June 26th will see Antisect return to Poland for the Ultra Chaos Picnic in Zelebsko and on October 8th the band will appear at the Old Grave Thrash Metal Festival in Bucharest, Romania.

Antisect Ultra Chaos 2016 Poster

Antisect Old Grave Festival 2016 Poster


07-12-14 11.21 GMT


To close out 2014 the band's final show of the year will take place at the Unicorn in London's Camden Town on December 31st. It will be a FREE ENTRY event.

Joining us on the bill are Dead Existence, Grimpen Mire and Flowers of Flesh and Blood.

We're also pleased to welcome back to the fold John Bryson, our bassist from 1984 till 1986 who played and sang on the "Out From The Void" ep. John will rejoin us to handle bass duties for the night.

Due to the the nature of the night and restricted capacity at the venue, admission will be limited with no advance ticket sales. You're strongly advised to arrive early.

  Antisect_Unicorn_NYE_2014 _Poster_Small


08-09-14 21.51 GMT


The two recently announced Russian dates have altered slightly with a venue changes for both shows and the order swapped around. The band will now kick off in Petersburg at Zoccol on November 8th before heading to the Rock House in Moscow on the 9th.

Antisect_St_Petersburg_Poster_Thumb   Antisect_Moscow_Poster_Thumb


21-07-14 13.06 GMT


The band return to Sweden at the end of August almost exactly a year after the aborted show at Hygget to play Stockholms Manglet festival. They will headline on the night of Friday 22nd.

If anyone who came to see us at Hygget last year is planning on attending this show, please email us here and we will do our best to cover the cost of your entry fee.

Also confirmed are the Russian shows rearranged from earlier this year. Antisect will play Moscow, Club Mod on November 9th before moving on to St. Petersburg, Plan B on the 9th.


25-04-14 11.41 GMT


Antisect's first UK appearance for a year or more has been confirmed for the Dirty Weekend Festival in Llanfyllin, Wales during the weekend of the 5th, 6th and 7th of September.

Profits from the festival will be split between

The Kebele Social Centre

The National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns

Manchester Hunt Sabs


Lurcher Link


Click the poster on the right or go to the Dirty Weekend website for full details.



25-04-14 03.54 GMT


We regret that we have had to postpone the upcoming shows in the US and Canada. Unforeseen family circumstances have arisen that has made it impossible for our bassist Laurence to travel with us and after much consideration we have concluded that it would not sit right with us to complete the tour without him.

We apologise to all who have been involved in setting the shows up and to all of you who were looking to attend. We will be rearranging the tour for a later date and look forward to seeing you then.


25-04-14 02.41 GMT


The two Russian shows originally scheduled for this Spring have been moved to later in the year. They will now take place in November. Full details to follow.


18-12-13 17.53 GMT


Confirmed for the summer - The band are pleased to finally announce their appearance at the Ieperfest Hardcore Festival in Belgium on August 9.

Beginning in 2004 Ieperfest has grown steadily to become one of the largest hardcore festivals in europe. This years event takes place over the three days of August 8, 9 and 10.


Full details will appear here as they become available. In the meantime, festival lineup and ticket details can be found at


24-11-13 12.41 GMT


Plans are currently being laid for the band's next batch of live activity set for 2014.

March will see Antisect travel to Russia for the first time for dates in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Next up will be an appearance at the Maryland Death Fest in Baltimore, USA at the end of May. This will be the band's only show on the US east side on this trip.

Following on from that will be a short string of dates taking in the US west coast, including Mexico and Canada. Full details will be posted here as they become available.

A string of European dates including the UK are also being planned for early autumn, culminating with an appearance at the Enemy of the Sun Festival in Prague on September 13th.


24-11-13 11.32 GMT


Although quiet on the live front during the latter part of 2013, the band have been busy in the studio working on their long awaited secnd lp.

Containing a mixture of material from the ill fated sessions way back in the late 1980's and tracks written over the past two years. It also promises to throw up one or two surprises along the way.

Antisect Drums Studio Setup

Antisect SG Studio Antisect Laurence Studio 2013

Loosely scheduled for release in the spring of 2014. Updates and progress reports will arrive here along the way.


23-11-13 09.26 GMT


As some might know, the shows in Scandinavia in August were curtailed. At the Hygget festival in Sweden, guitarist Pete Lyons was taken seriously ill midway through the band's set. Pete was rushed to hospital in Jonkoping and underwent immediate emergency surgery for a blocked main artery. So for obvious reasons the band had to pull out of the planned show in Copenhagen the following night. Pete would like to thank everyone who came to his aid that night and all who helped in any way.


"All I could think of was ditching my guitar and finding somewhere to lay down. I remember laying there, strapped in the ambulance, dripping sweat, thinking, "Is this it then? Am I gonna die here tonight or what?" A completely bizarre and surreal experience.

To all of you who helped out, particularly Elin and Maria from Berlin for their help and quick thinking, Marta, all the hospital staff in Jonkoping and Janne and co for their understanding and cooperation in sorting out the aftermath, I can't thank you enough. Sincere apologies to anyone who may have come to see us at Hygget. We made a whole bunch of new friends and spent a great few days there enjoying your company and hospitality. And to all those in Copenhagen - So sorry that we had to pull out. Hopefully we'll get back over and make it up in the not too distant future".


After surgery Pete was kept in for monitoring and observation in Jankoping hospital and was released to return to the UK 4 days later. Life goes on............


29-07-13 05.32 GMT


in yet another of the band's numerous twists and turns, we announce the departure of our dear friend Tim Andrews from the line up. Tim was with us from from 1986 till our original demise in 1987 and had fronted the band since our reformation in 2011.

Thanks Tim, for all you've done over the years. It's been a pleasure and a blast to have had you around. We love you mate, and we wish you all the best in whatever the future may hold.

Whilst never one for interviews, Tim gives a rare insight into his time in the band, his feelings towards it and the reasons behind his departure in a brief piece over on our features page. Read it here.



And so, we open the next chapter in the band's history.

It took a while, but finally, we welcome on board Chris Caps, who will take over vocal duties from now.

Chris will make his debut at the upcoming Sweden and Denmark shows and will give his first interview since joining the band in the next website update later this year.


02-07-13 12.08 GMT

Two shows in Scandinavia have been confirmed for the beginning of August.

Antisect will headline on Saturday August 3rd at the Hygget Festival in Svartmyra, Smaland in Sweden. Other bands on the bill include Bristles, Clown, Contorture and Iamus. Click here for the festival website.

The following night (Aug 4) the band will play at the 5th Anniversary of the opening of the new Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen, Denmark. Others on the bill include Instinct of Survival, Lower and Metro Cult. Click here for a history of the venue.




20-12-12 10.02 GMT

The band's next live appearance will be at the Roadburn 2013 Rock Festival in Tilburg, Holland.

The festival will take place from Thursday April 18 to Sunday 20. Antisect will play at the Het Patronaat venue on Saturday April 20.

For more details and full festival info go to



13-10-12 18.59 GMT

The London, Scumfest show scheduled for November 30th has been put on temporary hold till a suitable venue and alternative date have been found.

For those of you who might now be stuck for something to do, may we urge you to consider checking out The Mob, Kill Pretty, Hagar the Womb, Andy T and The Astronauts at the Boston Arms, Tufnell Park on the above date.


03-10-12 03.10 GMT

Now confirmed - 3 more UK dates. These will be the band's final shows of 2012.


First up - The Means to An End Festival at Bradford's 1 in 12 Club on Saturday October 20th.

£8.00 - Members / £10.00 - Guests
Doors open at 5.00pm

Also on the bill for Saturday -

Harda Tider
Clocked Out
Endless Rope


Next - A benefit for London's Scumfest Collective, headlining the Friday night show of the 2012 Not Winter Scumfest in London on November 30th.

Full venue, ticket info and Friday night line up confirmation to follow...


... And finally, a benefit for the Bilston Glen Protest Camp at Edinburgh's Bannermans.

For more info about the camp go to and also

Tickets - £7.50
Doors and first band - 8.00pm

Also on the bill are;

Edinburgh's finest, Oi Polloi and Glasgow's Headless Cross


27-07-12 09.03 GMT

Next up - The Monte Paradiso Festival in Pula, Croatia on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of August.

This years venue is Karlo Rojc, Gajeva 3, Pula, Croatia

With 20 bands on over 3 days, also on the bill are HARD SKIN on the Thursday and THE INNER TERRESTRIALS on Friday.

The band will headline on the Saturday night to celebrate the festival's 20th anniversary. On stage at 1.45am.


Monte Paradiso 2012 Poster


21-06-12 14.41 GMT

ANTISECT USA 2012 - 18 DAYS - 15 SHOWS - 14 CITIES - 6,500 MILES

Heads up to all the following, who's assistance and hospitality helped make it such a memorable and worthwhile experience for all of us.

Drew, Evelyn and all you totally insane people in Mentone, Brain, Andy, Jimmy, Jang and Chris in Los Angeles, Georgina, Ann, Amy and Sothira in Oakland, Jason at Starving Musician in Berkeley,

Nick in Arcata, Meghan and Melody in Portland, Zach, Brandon and Sasha and co (including Pan) in Seattle, Joe and crew in Minneapolis, Carlos and Hannah in Chicago, Jimmy, Christina and Chani in Pittsburgh, Matt and Sarah in Richmond, Gillian, Mickey and Mary Ellen in Boston, Diana, Ava and Ashley in Baltimore/New York. There are more. Plenty more. The many of you we had the pleasure to speak with at the shows, all the bands we played with who contributed to some great nights and of course each and every one of you who came along.

And of course, extra special mentions to all those who's efforts above and beyond the call of duty helped make everything go as smoothly as we could have wished for. Stand up and take a bow Mr. Adam (Rooster) Grimm at Nightgaunt Graphics - for exemplary merchandise, fine sofas, two superb dogs and a top gazebo, West Coast Joe and East Coast Dan - for looking after us on the road, we salute you. Kim at Catharsis - for helping to get the word about, Mark - for merch and photography and of course, Craig (Literally, a giant of a man) who almost certainly captured more footage than we will ever know what the hell to do with.




Finally though, and by no means leastly, hats off to a certain Mr. G. Daly, without whom... etc, etc, etc.......


21-06-12 11.26 GMT


Confirmed - September 22nd - A benefit show at Mogambo, San Sebastian to help raise money for the legal costs of 12 anti hunt and bullfighting activists who are currently facing trial and possible imprisonment in Spain.

Others on the bill include -




29-05-12 00.03 GMT


The Boston show on June 9th has been moved to PJ's.


19-05-12 19.46 GMT


The band's latest interview. Published in the June issue of the world’s longest running, independent punk magazine, Maximum Rock 'n' Roll.

Andy P spoke to the band about their past, their present and their future, during time out at a recent rehearsal session in London.

Issue 349 (June 2012)

Out Now...

Maximum Rock 'n' Roll - Issue 349


24-04-12 00.03 GMT


The Berlin show scheduled for May 12th has been postponed till later in the year.

Details of the rearranged date will be posted on here as soon as it's finalised.


02-04-12 17.57 GMT


Many thanks to Irena, Charlie, Jim and all the staff at the 1 in 12 for helping to make Saturday night such a good one.

Thanks also to Cress, Hellkrusher and everyone who came and contributed. It was a pleasure to meet and chat with you

The 1 in 12 is a special place. Let's continue to give it the support it deserves.


28-03-12 09.49 GMT


Tickets for Saturday's benefit for the 1 in 12 Club in Bradford have now completely sold out. We regret that it will not be possible to gain entry on the night unless you have a valid ticket.

We hope we can catch up with some of you on the night. Let's make it one to remember for all the right reasons.



19-03-12 22.14 GMT


Thanks to Jean Christophe, Eric and everybody at Moloka who helped make Saturday a great night.

Much respect for "Keeping it Real".


14-03-12 23.49 GMT


Due to venue capacity and demand, the forthcoming benefit for the 1 in 12 in Bradford is an all ticket event.

Tickets will only be available from;

£7.50 for 1 in 12 members £8.50 for guests




14-03-12 23.27 GMT


In the past few days it's been decided by mutual consent that singer Pete Boyce is no longer a member of the band.

Antisect will continue from now as a 4 piece.

We wish Pete all the best for the future.


14-02-12 12.07 GMT


The first interview of the new Profane Existence online resource, and the band's first interview since reforming in May 2011. Finally out there. Read it here.



26-01-12 11.15 GMT


The band will appear at the 8th DIY Hardcore Punk Festival in Gdansk on July 14th. More details to follow.


21-01-12 23.31 GMT


Some of you will know of it, some of you won't, but the 1 in 12 Club in Bradford is one of the UK's oldest libertarian social centres. Formed in 1981, (the same year as Antisect) it's existence was thrown into doubt last year when local authorities threatened to pull the plug unless certain regulatory measures were met. Funds have needed to be raised in order to pay for works to keep the club alive. This is our own small way of doing something to help out.

Saturday, March 31st




06-01-12 02.50 GMT


The band's first London show of 2012 will be an appearance at the "Another Winter of Discontent" festival on Saturday, March 3rd.


21-12-11 11.50 GMT


November's Belgium show has been re-arranged for Saturday, February 25th in Diest.

Begijnenstraat 1A
3290 Diest

Also on the bill will be;

Last Legion Alive


14-12-11 01.24 GMT


7.00 - Zeitgeist: Addendum (The film will run with subtitles throughout the night)
7.30 - 689
8.15 - Flowers of Flesh and Blood
9.00 - Blasted
9.45 - Antisect


12-12-11 22.23 GMT


8.00 - Zeitgeist: Addendum (The film will run with subtitles throughout the night)
8.30 - Geriatric Unit
9.15 - Extinction of Mankind
10.00 - Antisect


07-12-11 11.26 GMT


Yep. Finally. It's been a while coming, and may be subject to the odd change as things develop, but here they are...


24- Long Beach, CA
25- Los Angeles, CA @ The Black Castle
26- Oakland, CA @ The Metro
27- San Francisco, CA
29- Portland, OR (all ages)
30- Portland, OR (bar show)
31- Seattle, WA @ Highline


2- Austin, TX (Chaos in Tejas)
3- Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
4- Chicago, IL @ Reggies
5- Pittsburgh, PA
7- Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
8- Philadelphia, PA @ Beaumont Warehouse
9- Boston, MA
10-New York, NY @ Europa


Check here or here for more info as it becomes available.


05-12-11 07.43 GMT


Last week Pete (Lyons) and Laurence were interviewed for internet radio station Total Rock. Catch it on Friday December 9th, online between 12 noon and 3pm at


05-12-11 07.37 GMT


Flowers of Flesh and Blood
Zeitgeist;The Movie


+ literature, art, and other righteous paraphenalia from Active Distribution


19-11-11 19.44 GMT


The last few days have seen the band in the studio in London cutting their first studio recordings since their reformation earlier this year. A Limited Edition, 10" vinyl single, containing the previously unreleased 1982 track "4 Minutes Past Midnight" and a re-recorded version of 1985's "Out From The Void (Part II) will be released to coincide with the upcoming UK dates.


This will not be for sale in any shops, mail order or online outlet. It will only be available at the forthcoming shows.


19-11-11 02.15 GMT


Tonight's scheduled show at Plan Z in Leuven has been cancelled. Plan Z is a squatted venue and was evicted by the Belgian authorities earlier this week. Attempts to find a replacement venue at short notice have failed. Apologies to anyone who was planning to make their way there, but we do hope to see you some time in early 2012.


17-11-11 21.15 GMT


Val Landrum interviews the band for Thrash Head online 'zine. Read it in full here.


20-10-11 13.43 GMT


Flowers of Flesh and Blood
Zeitgeist: The Movie
+ Guests (T.B.A.)

This is a "Bring a Toy" event. You are invited to bring a childs toy which will be donated to the Hayward Adventure Playground, in association with KIDS, The disabled children’s charity.

£8.00 Advance
£10.00 On The Door


29-09-11 09.57 GMT


London, Liverpool and Bristol shows as well as dates in Belgium and Czech Republic have been added to the schedule to take us into 2012. Confirmed shows as it stands are as follows.

Denmark - Aalborg - 1000Fryd - Friday October 28th - 2011
Norway - Oslo - Blitz - Saturday October 29th - 2011
Belgium - Leuven - Plan Z - Saturday November 19th - 2011
UK - London - The Garage - Thursday December 15th - 2011
UK - Liverpool - The Kazimier - Saturday December 17th - 2011
UK - Bristol - The Fleece - Saturday January 14th - 2012
Czech Republic - Brno - Favel - Saturday January 28th - 2012

More info including UK ticket information and full show line ups will be posted as soon as we have it.


17-09-11 10.51 GMT


2 more shows have been confirmed for Scandinavia for the end of October.

Denmark - Aalborg - 1000Fryd - Friday October 28th - 2011
Norway - Oslo - Blitz - Saturday October 29th - 2011

Still working on some UK dates before the end of the year. Japan and USA tours will now likely go ahead in Spring/Summer 2012.


01-08-11 17.39 GMT


A very big thanks to Marko, Yopi, Jukka, Servere, Anton, Mark, Seppo and all you crazy fuckers who made it along to Puntala at the weekend. You all helped make it a very special night. Kippis!


03-07-11 22.12 GMT


24 years later, the world is a slightly different place. 24 years later, we are all slightly different people.

24 years later, we find that for the most part, a lot of the same problems and injustices are still with us. 24 years later, we find that for the most part, we still feel very similar about them.

24 years ago, we had lived through the first part of our adult lives. 24 years later, we've grown up, (a little) and have to deal with responsibilities and situations that simply didn't exist for us back then.

There are no hard and fast rules
We make it up as we go along

Why did we decide to do it? It's been a long and interesting process since we first discussed the possibility. Everyone involved has through the years maintained a bond with each other that stems from feeling the same way about the hand that life deals us. We don't agree on everything. We never have. What we do all agree on is that the most important thing for us is to be able to evaluate and make decisions based on our ability and willingness to be open. When we met to discuss whether or not we should, after all this time, finally do this, we knew that things would be different, and we knew that there would be differences between us that weren't there previously. We knew that there were difficult conversations to be had, and we knew that it wouldn't be an easy decision to make, but over-riding all of that was an instinct that we would feel that the things we had in common, would far outweigh the things we disagreed on. We were right. We had and still have no idea how far this might go, but what we do know is that now, finally, it feels like the right thing to do.

Antisect, for most people, will never be just about the music. It was always more than that. Even from day 1 with the "Noise Addicts" flyers and all. We were always described as "uncompromising" and maybe in our early days we were just that, but isn't life and co-existance all about compromises? Or should we always do exactly as we want, because that is the "truer" way? For us, the evidence that we see of the consequences of a society that appears to be driven by an ethos of "doing exactly as it wants" makes for pretty ugly viewing. To do exactly as we want without social conscience leads us to where we are today. On the brink of global meltdown, with higher levels of corruption, governance, poverty and mistrust than ever before. Maybe this "true" way is the path that we should follow? After all, it could be said, that if our actions are governed purely by selfish motivations, we are, at the bottom line, at least being honest with ourselves, and it could be argued that at the end of the day, it is only ourselves that we must answer to.

"Look into the depths of your own beings, seek out the truth
Realise it in yourselves, for you will find it nowhere else"

Alternatively, if we believe in "Society", does it not best serve that belief to understand that not all those within society exist on an equal plane? Not everyone is born with the same opportunities. Not everyone takes the same paths in life. If so, does it not then follow that in order to preserve "Society", compromises have to be made to assimilate the various viewpoints that exist within it?

Individuality or collectivism? "Collective individuality"? We operate in many shades of grey.

On a conventional political level, the far left is often divided by the consequences of it's navel gazing. By it's very nature, it has a conscience and a will to examine itself, and when the inevitable disagreements arise, the pattern has been for splinters to form as the various elements dissipate into their own entrenched corners, with the net result being that the movement as a whole is weakened because of a less united front.

The far right on the other hand, has very little social conscience, and thus very few of the above dilemmas. Consequently, it is able to present a much more uncompromising standpoint and often has need to do very little other than stand back and watch it's opponents pull themselves apart.

Can you see where we're going with this?

We believe debate is essential. For without debate and opposing viewpoints we become insular and closed. Without challenges to our perception of what's wrong and what's right we lose the opportunity to re-evaluate who were are. We become intransigent. We remain the people we were, instead of embracing the opportunity to become the people we could be. We like the idea that life can teach us things that we cannot perceive until we have lived through it. We like the idea that we are able to be open enough and strong enough to re-evaluate our own priorities and adjust and adapt accordingly. However, none of us are perfect. Let's not make the mistake of thinking we are. We are all chameleons. We learn to walk the walk, and talk the talk that puts us closer to where we wish to be within the confines our own little worlds. We bite our tongues when we feel it's more appropriate to do so. We are all to a greater or lesser extent, imposters. Cogs in the machine. If it was possible to live outside the confines of this society, most of us would probably choose to do so. The very fact that it isn't possible, forms the basis for our frustration and rage. We can't allow ourselves to be marginalised, to be continually pushed to the periphery. But to engage means that our focus must be more outward than inward and we must be strong enough in who we are to be able to trade the blows. We must accept that yes, we are all individuals, we will not agree on everything, but this should form the basis for our collective strength, not our weakness.



18-05-11 16.22 GMT


Pete Boyce - vocals
Tim Andrews - vocals
Caz Eden - vocals
Pete Lyons - guitar
Laurence Windle - bass
Joe Burwood - drums


11-05-11 09.04 GMT